Connect with Clayton

Announcing Clayton Community Groups! Clayton Community Groups (CCGs) bring neighbors together who have shared interests, passions, and goals.  These groups offer Clayton neighbors the chance to engage and connect with new neighbors in an informal, comfortable setting.  CCGs typically meet monthly with 4-12 people, from September through December. However, due to COV-19 and out of abundant caution we are not meeting in person for any of the groups. Events are listed … Continue reading Connect with Clayton

Clayton Crafts

This group is for anyone that likes to work with their hands to create something snarky, whimsical or unique while getting to know your fellow creative neighbors. Each month we’ll have a different featured craft to try, all supplies included. You are also welcome to bring whatever you are currently working on. Space is limited, so sign up here. Please bring a spill-proof bottle (so we … Continue reading Clayton Crafts

Candid Women

This group of women want to discuss current ideas or get feedback from others over drinks and food.   How it works… Offer a question that’s on your mind.  How come dogs only need their teeth brushed every few years?  What would you do if you found $100 on the ground?  What was your favorite childhood food that you wouldn’t admit now?  What changes can Denver … Continue reading Candid Women