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Community Groups

Clayton Community Groups (CCGs) bring neighbors together who have shared interests, passions, and goals.  These groups offer Clayton neighbors the chance to engage and connect with new neighbors in an informal, comfortable setting.  CCGs typically meet monthly with 4-12 people. However, due to the ongoing pandemic we cannot endorse indoor in-person gatherings at this time.

Specific details about each community group can be found either through their Facebook pages or reaching out to the point of contact responsible for each group. The details for each group are listed below.

Crafts and Scrapbooks

This group is for anyone that likes to work with their hands to create something snarky, whimsical or unique while getting to know your fellow creative neighbors.

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Candid Women

This group of women want to discuss current ideas or get feedback from others over drinks and food.

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Development and Zoning

The Clayton Development and Zoning group consists of Clayton neighbors with an interest in how our neighborhood, and city, came to be what it is and what it can be in the future. 

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Gardening and Urban Homesteading

If you are interested in urban gardening or homesteading and want to connect with like-minded people dedicated to urban gardening and sustainability, we would love for you to join our group.

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Working Parents and Kiddos

It takes a village to raise a child. But where do you find that village? As out-of-towners without family here, we would love to create our own ‘village’ with other families here in Clayton!

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Small Business Mixers

Calling Clayton’s solopreneurs, small business owners, or those interesting in starting a business or side gig!

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